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Evaluation Database

A web-based inventory of evaluation studies in medical informatics

Authors: Elske Ammenwerth, Nicolette de Keizer, Amsterdam (see "Team" for details),

In cooperation with: EFMI Working Group "Evaluation of Health Information Systems" and IMIA Working Group "Technology Assessment and Quality Development in Health Care"


The web-based evaluation database EvalDB contains more than 1.800 evaluation studies and systematic reviews of health information technology (health IT). EvalDB was created to help researchers to identify studies that have been condcuted in defined settings.

Inclusion criteria

EvalDB contains evaluation studies, defined as the systematic, empirical assessment of a component of a health information system. A health information system comprises all computer-based components that are used to enter, store, process, communicate, and present health related or patient related information, and which are used by health care professionals or the patient themselves in the context of inpatient or outpatient patient care.


EvalDB was based on a systematic literature search in PubMed, conducted in 2003, 2006 and 2009. In 2012, systematic reviews were added. Since 2009, in addition, EvalDB is updated based on input from researchers from all over the world. To support this, EvalDB offers the possibility to propose studies that should be entered into the database.

Completeness of database

EvalDB cannot guarantee to be complete and correct. In case you miss a certain study, please propose this study by selecting "add a new evaluation paper". If you find errors in the database, please contact the administrator.